Meet the Team

BCI’s head offices are based in Geneva, Switzerland, and London, UK. Additionally, we have regional offices around the world in China, India, Mozambique, and Pakistan, as well as staff based in the USA and Turkey. The BCI staff are a small and dedicated team working hard in pursuit of our end goal: developing Better Cotton as a sustainable, mainstream commodity. The executive group is headed by CEO Alan McClay, with COO Lena Staafgard and director Damien Sanfilippo.

Daren Abney

Membership Engagement and Marketing Manager (US)

Shafiq Ahmad

Country Manager (Pakistan)

Rebecca Aranha

Programme Coordinator (India)

Franck Archinard

Accounting and Governance Manager (Switzerland)

Alisa Ardini

Membership Coordinator (UK)

Faisal Ashfaq

Senior Administration and Finance Officer (Pakistan)

Shannon Avison

Data Analysis and Learning Coordinator (Switzerland)

Rajeev Baruah

Country Manager (India)

Matteo Beccaria

Membership Coordinator (UK)

Eva Benavidez Clayton

Communications Manager (Switzerland)

Li Bo

Membership Coordinator (China)

Graham Bruford

Training and Assurance Manager (UK)

Claudia Busch

Head of Development (UK)

Joy Chen

Supply Chain Officer (China)

Siobhain Coburn

International Finance Manager (Switzerland)

Romain Deveze

Farm and Implementing Partner Performance Manager (Switzerland)

Kathryn Driscoll

Assurance Manager (UK)

Scott Exo

Country Manager (US)

Morgan Ferrar

PR and Media Coordinator (UK)

Sandra Fong

Grant Officer (Switzerland)

Ellie Gaffney

Member Communications Senior Coordinator (Switzerland)

Carina Garcia

Supply Chain Coordinator (Switzerland)

Manish Gupta

Supply Chain Coordinator (India)

Linus Hammarberg

Senior Coordinator (Switzerland)

Stephanie Hold

IT Manager (UK)

Kamal Jagaty

Administration and Finance Officer (India)

Gregory Jean

Standards and Learning Manager (Switzerland)

Djiba Kaba

Programme Officer (Mozambique)

Seyma Karacay

Supply Chain and Membership Coordinator (Turkey)

Yasir Khan

Supply Chain Officer (Pakistan)

Vinay Kumar

Membership Coordinator (India)

Marguerite Lançon

Programme Coordinator (Switzerland)

Marie Le Guillouzic

Monitoring and Evaluation Intern (Switzerland)

Joyce Liu

Senior Membership Officer (China)

Paula Lum Young

Senior Membership Manager (Switzerland)

Alan McClay

Chief Executive Officer (Switzerland)

Asif Mehmood

Programme Officer (Pakistan)

Linda Menchi

Standards and Assurance Coordinator (Switzerland)

Hayley Morgan

Programme Coordinator (UK)

Lea Michalczik

IT System Coordinator (Switzerland)

Manish Neupane

Membership Engagement Coordinator (UK)

Kendra Park Pasztor

Monitoring and Evaluation Manager (Switzerland)

Saleena Pookunju

Senior Programme Officer (India)

Padmini Raghav

Supply Chain Officer (India)

Hemant Rajput

Programme Officer (India)

Chelsea Reinhardt

Senior Assurance Manager (London)

Damien Sanfilippo

Director of Standards and Assurance (Switzerland)

Kerem Saral

Senior Supply Chain Manager (Switzerland)

Devika Sheopuri

Programme Officer (India)

Muhammad Shuaib

Senior Supply Chain Coordinator (Pakistan)

Amelia Sidumo

Regional Coordinator (Southern Africa)

Carlos Silva

Programme Officer (US)

Lena Staafgard

Chief Operating Officer (UK)

Afshan Sufyan

Programme Officer (Pakistan)

Haven Teng

Regional Programme Officer (China)

Ahtisham Uddin

Membership Coordinator (Pakistan)

Fanny Udin

Office Coordinator (Switzerland)

Emma Upton

Communications Officer (UK)

Liffi Wang

Administration and Finance Officer (China)

Corin Wood Jones

Head of Partnerships (Switzerland)

Sherry Wu

Country Manager (China)

Yolanda Yu

Programme Officer (China)