Supply Chain and Traceability

The following information is intended to provide you with access to technical training and visibility into the BCI Chain of Custody, all necessary for successfully sourcing Better Cotton as a BCI member.

What is Chain of Custody?

‘Chain of Custody’ (or CoC) refers to the documentation or chronological trail which shows the order of ownership in the Better Cotton supply chain, and is the key mechanism for determining its authenticity. It defines the rules for how supply chain actors deal with physical Better Cotton along the supply chain. BCI uses a combination of physical segregation at producer and ginner level and a mass-balance administrative from trader onwards up to Retailers and Brands. For further information on BCI’s Chain of Custody guidelines, click here.

The following documentation is intended to provide you with technical training and visibility into the BCI Chain of Custody, all necessary for successfully sourcing Better Cotton as BCI member.

  • BCI Overview: For a snapshot of BCI and how the Chain of Custody works.
  • ISEAL Video (3:20): To properly frame how the BCI Chain of Custody fits into the sustainability standards models.
  • BCI’s Chain of Custody Video (2:50): To quickly explain how mass balance enables cost-effective Better Cotton uptake.

BCI’s traceability system – the Better Cotton Tracer

*Please note that the Better Cotton Tracer is now known as the Better Cotton Platform. We are in the process of updating our materials to reflect the change.

The volume of Better Cotton sourced by a Retailer/Brand is tracked and verified by BCI using an online platform named the Better Cotton Tracer. It’s used by thousands of suppliers globally throughout the entire value chain and is audited by BCI to ensure accurate claims about procurement. Better Cotton suppliers are asked to declare Better Cotton-related purchases and sales in the Better Cotton Tracer. This allows the supplier and eventually the Retailer/Brand to make credible claims about sourcing Better Cotton.

  • BCI Better Cotton Tracer Online Training Platform: This document will provide members with complete information about BCI’s online training platform. Successfully completing the training series is a prerequisite to gain access to the Better Cotton Tracer. However the online training platform can also be used to refresh or share within your team or suppliers.
  • Click here to access your Better Cotton Tracer account.
  • Click here to access the Better Cotton Tracer training environment. The training environment is for you to learn how to use the Better Cotton Tracer.

Membership Options for the Supply Chain

Every link in the cotton supply chain from Gins to Retailers and Brands now have access to the Better Cotton Tracer, making electronic transfer of credits more seamless. Here are the options for how you can engage with BCI.