Start date: 01/05/2023
Contract: RFP
Closing Date: 31/03/2023
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Additional Information:

Q: To clarify, has the location been chosen for next years conference?  Not the venue specifically I mean the country/ city?

A: No, we have not yet chosen a location or venue. We will be working with the chosen supplier to source a suitable venue.

Q: Are you looking for a venue that can provide planning services or would you consider an event management agency/ consultancy that can source the venue and all associated suppliers?

A: We would consider an event management agency if it can provide on the outlined deliverables.

Q: May we ask for clarification on the 2-page format? Is there a template we should be following? We tend to present in a slide deck, with budgets provided in spreadsheets. Are you looking for a single .doc instead?

A: Please feel free to submit a proposal in the format suited to you best. This can be a spreadsheet, PowerPoint, word doc or other. The 2 page is a guide but it can be more or less as long as it provides the needed information.

Q: Is there a budget you are working to or are we expected to work up a budget with educated estimates?

A: As a guide, we would advise between 100-400K EUR.

Q: Do we need to be local to the chosen destination, as highlighted in the RFP? Does our company need to be registered in chosen destination?

A: You do not necessarily have to be based in the location. However, you need to operate on an international scale and able to process payments and manage relevant VAT.

Q: Will you allow supporting documents attached/hyperlinked to our proposal?

A: Yes, you can provide supporting documents.

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