Getting Started

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Set up your online profile

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Talk about your membership

A crucial part of the scale up of Better Cotton worldwide is the ability of BCI Members and Partners up and down the supply chain to be able to talk about Better Cotton using a common voice. By speaking as one, we become more memorable, engaging, persuasive, and deliver a clear message to encourage more demand for Better Cotton and more members to join.

Use our Communications Tools  to get started talking about Better Cotton – from a press release to an internal presentations to staff about your new membership.

Network and learn more

BCI works with all its members and partners to provide training opportunities to improve the understanding of Better Cotton Standard System, such as online webinars, face-to-face training, and email updates throughout the year. Our face-to-face events also act as ideal networking opportunities to improve the connections between different supply chain actors buying and selling Better Cotton.

Learn and network now by attending one of our training and workshop events.

Connect with other members

Our members operate from field to product. They are progressive, global organisations from all sections of the cotton supply chain, who like you, have recognised the need for Better Cotton and the impact it can have.

Use our interactive Members and Partners Map  and Members Contact List to connect with BCI members worldwide who are bringing about change in the cotton sector.

Stay informed about what’s new at BCI

BCI stays up to date with our members Better Cotton activities and the industry, and we also like to keep you informed on what’s happening with other members and within the organization, from members’ recent sustainability reports and project updates to our latest national numbers on Better Cotton availability and newest staff.

Stay connected with BCI and members through our monthly Members News Flash, delivered direct to your inbox, and our online News Feed.

Track your Better Cotton transactions

Through our Better Cotton Traceability System, a ginner, trader, spinner and retailer and brand member can track their Better Cotton transactions, and make claims about their Better Cotton procurement. 

 Use our Traceability Tools to learn more about how you can track and make claims about your Better Cotton procurement. Please note: You will receive an email shortly about accessing your Better Cotton Tracer account from our supply chain team.