Life as a female cotton farmer in Pakistan. WWF blog post; Better Cotton, Better Lives.

Announcements Tuesday, August 23rd, 2016

WWF’s blog ‘Ecological Panda’, features BCI Farmer, Umul Baneen. Umul has been a participant in the Better Cotton Initiative (BCI) from the very beginning and is now a field facilitator with the Sustainable Development Organisation (SDO), BCI’s Implementing Partner in Pakistan. Umul completed her initial training in 2005 In Maqboolabad, a rural village in Pakistan’s cotton-growing region. Motivated to help others by sharing her knowledge, she talks passionately about women’s empowerment and the benefits that the programme has brought to the region both environmentally and socially.

“Being a rural woman, I hesitated about talking to men and travelling alone, but after my own training and involvement in the training of other women I gained confidence,” said Umul. “Initially, everybody objected to my traveling alone, but now things have changed and everybody in the village has respect for me.”

Umul is the only woman field facilitator in her organisation and the first woman to work outside her small village. The full blog post can be read here and you can learn more about the experiences of other BCI Farmers through our website.