Past BCI Field Trips 2017

China Field Trip – Wei County, Hebei Province, China

21 September 2017 – hosted by BCI staff

Weixian, an important and major cotton growing county, is located in the southeast of Hebei province. The planting area for cotton in this region is about 40,000 ha, which accounts for 50% of China’s total cotton cultivation. CottonConnect is the implementing partner for this BCI project and they have been working on a sustainable cotton project (REEL cotton) in Weixian since 2013. This was converted to a BCI project in May, 2015. Currently, they are working with 3,000 smallholder farmers in 30 villages. Read the detailed agenda and background information.

Turkey Field Trip – Izmir to Sake Region, Turkey

21 – 22 September 2017 – hosted by IPUD

This field trip met in Izmir, Turkey, at 8:30am at IPUD’s Offices. BCI arranged the logistics for this visit with guests traveling to the Söke Region (150 km from Izmir) with a full day of visiting cotton fields, ginning and spinning facilities. The following day included a morning factory visit to Denizli-Menderes Tekstil. Read the detailed agenda and background information.

USA Field Trip – Raleigh-Durham, North Carolina, USA

13 October 2017 – hosted by BCI staff

BCI partnered with Textile Exchange for an official TExursion following the 2017 Textile Sustainability Conference in Washington D.C. Attendees for this BCI field trip visited nearby farms and were taken on a gin tour. Read the detailed agenda and background information.

USA Field Trip – San Joaquin Valley, Southern California, USA

24 October 2017 – co-hosted by Sustainable Cotton Project (SCP) and the Better Cotton Initiative (BCI)

BCI and SCP hosted a one-day field trip through the San Joaquin Valley to gain a behind-the-scenes look at the many sides of cotton production. Guests met cotton farmers, saw cotton being harvested and learnt about Cleaner Cotton™. Read the detailed agenda and background information.

Pakistan Field Trip – Lahore, Pakistan

26 October 2017 – hosted by BCI staff

This field trip took place the day after the BCI Pakistan Regional Members’ Meeting.  Attendees travelled to Chichawatni (200km from Lahore) for a full day of visiting cotton fields and a cotton gin.

India Field Trip – Indore, Madhya Pradesh, India

20 – 22 November 2017 – Hosted by BCI staff

BCI offered a comprehensive tour of cotton farms, ginners, and other actors at the source of Better Cotton production. Participants received the most thorough explanation of the Better Cotton Standard and the cotton farming system in India. Participants also learnt about how Better Cotton is grown, harvested, and ginned. Read the details agenda and background information here.