Member-Only Webinars | Featured Topics with Monthly Updates

BCI hosts a series of member-only webinars throughout the year, for all BCI Members. In addition to the topic highlight, each of these webinars will provide key organisational updates on global production and uptake numbers, updates on the Task Force on Forced Labour and Decent Work, as well as brief updates on Western China.

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Past Webinars: Watch recordings and access slides from the Member-Only Webpage. Past webinars include:

BCI News & Updates:

  • October 2020 | Measuring Cotton Consumption for BCI Retailers & Brands
  • August 2020 | BCI Task Force on Forced Labour and Decent Work
  • June 2020 | BCI General Assembly

Impacts / Monitoring & Evaluation:

  • November 2020 | Upgrading BCI’s Monitoring & Evaluation System
  • October 2020 | Making Effective and Credible Sustainability Claims
  • October 2020 | Measuring and Reporting GHG Emissions with BCI’s Retailer & Brand Members
  • August 2020 | A Deeper Look at the BCI Assurance Model
  • July 2020 | Supporting BCI Farmers Through Covid-19
  • 2019 | Demonstrating the Impacts of Sourcing Better Cotton

Traceability / Chain of Custody:

  • October 2020 | BCI’s Revised Chain of Custody Guidelines

Market Focused: 

  • October & November 2020 | BCI India Webinar Series: Market Dynamics 2020
  • September 2020 | Cotton Outlook: Emerging Business Trends for 2021/22
  • September 2020 | Cotton Outlook: Yarn & Fabric Import / Export
  • September 2020 | Cotton Outlook: Cotton Market Today

BCI Discussion Forum: Western China

  • November 2020 | BCI Retailer & Brand Discussion Forum: Western China
  • September 2020 |  BCI Retailer & Brand Discussion Forum: Western China
  • May 2020 | BCI Member Discussion Forum: Western China Recap

BCI Members can register for webinars and access recordings of past webinars by logging in to the member-only area of the website. You will need your member login credentials to access the registration information. If you need help logging in, please email your BCI contact or email: