11 December 2020 | BCI 2020 Salon, Shanghai

Sustainability Post COVID-19

Friday, 11 December 2020 from 13:00-18:30 in Shanghai*

BCI China invites all organisations from the BCI community in China to join this in-person event where they, along with industry peers and experts, explore how COVID-19 has accelerated and strengthened the impact of sustainability in China. Do we really understand sustainable development? What exactly is sustainable fashion? How do we best implement sustainable sourcing? How do we best promote sustainable consumption?

This salon aims to provide an opportunity for attendees to raise questions, connect deeply, exchange insights and explore collaboratively to reach their own sustainable development goals. BCI China will conduct three in-person dialogues on sustainability where brands, suppliers, media, civil society and experts on verification will share their opinions from various perspectives to begin the discussion.

Dialogue 1 | Sustainable Fashion, Sourcing and Consumption

Dialogue 2 | Implementing Sustainable Development and Fashion for Brands

Dialogue 3 | Sustainable Certifications and Standards in the Industry for Brands and Suppliers

Audience: BCI Members, non-member BCP Suppliers and all organisations from the BCI community, with a focus on local retailers and brands in China

Please email Joyce Liu, Senior Membership Officer, China at joyce.liu@bettercotton.org for registration details.

*Venue location to be confirmed.