The Standard Setting and Revision Committee (SSRC) supports the revision of the Principles and Criteria (P&C). The BCI Council oversees the committee. It comprises of 10 members who bring relevant expertise. It consists of the following:

  • At least one representative from each BCI membership category: the opportunity to apply has been given to all BCI Members;
  • One Council member;
  • A designated project manager from BCI.

Members of the committee meet several times during the course of the process to offer technical advice and expertise towards the revision of the Standard. They have the opportunity to bring perspectives from their respective groups and stakeholders, evaluate impacts on affected stakeholders and decide on the degree of change to be incorporated in the new Standard.

The Committee is in charge of deciding when the final draft of the P&C is ready for review and approval by the BCI Council.

Stakeholder consultation

Input into the review of the P&C is pro-actively sought after by BCI. Up to two rounds of stakeholder consultations are organised in order to allow all interested and impacted parties to provide their comments and contribute to the process. Participants have the opportunity to provide their input through an online survey.

Council Approval

The BCI Council has the authority in approving the final draft of the revised P&C. The Council confirms that the process followed by the Standard Setting Revision Committee is in line with BCI’s Standard review process. The Council ultimately had the authority to approve the content submitted, following the two rounds of stakeholder consultation.

Pilot Projects

The Standard Setting and Revision Committee proposes entirely new environmental or social safeguards to be integrated into the P&C. Once approved by the council, some are experimented through pilot projects, which serve to assess interpretation, local relevancy and feasibility of implementation for further adjustment.

Transition Period

Once the revisions to the P&C are approved, a transition period is defined for those implementing the Standard.