Conversion rates in the Better Cotton Platform

The Better Cotton Platform (BCP) is BCI’s online system for tracking purchases and sales of Better Cotton and BCI orders with associated Better Cotton Claim Units (BCCUs). The BCP is a trademarked system used only by BCI and registered organisations that are buying, selling, or sourcing Better Cotton. It enables suppliers and manufacturers to report to their customers how much Better Cotton lint was sourced through the sale of a physical product. It provides essential documentation for Better Cotton sourced by ginners, and throughout the supply chain to BCI Retailer & Brand Members to demonstrate alignment with the Better Cotton Chain of Custody.

The overall cotton consumption for a specific order of end products is the volume of total cotton lint consumed by the spinner who made the yarns which were used to make the fabrics that went into an end-product. All BCCU allocations made during the sourcing of BCI orders throughout the supply chain eventually support the sourcing of a BCI end product order from a BCI Retailer & Brand Member.

BCI uses two average conversion factors in the BCP to calculate the volume of cotton lint required for each product: one for combed yarn, and another for carded yarn or open-end yarn.  However, in 2018 and 2019, BCI carried out research among its members resulting in revised combed and carded conversion factors, and a new one for open-end yarns. You may read the publication that resulted from this research in the BCI Conversion Factors and Multipliers document here. Download the Mandarin translation 棉花消耗量测算:BCI换算系数与乘数 here.

On 4 January 2021, the revised conversion factors will come into effect on the BCP.  The following table summarises the change that will take place.

This will lead to the following changes:






It is important to note that the BCP only uses conversion factors for yarns, so relevant for spinning activities. All other conversion factors given in our publication are used by other supply chain actors and retailers and brands to forecast expected Better Cotton Claim Units they need for their BCI orders.

As a result of the updated to the conversion factors, BCP routines used by suppliers and manufacturers will change.  You can see the changes in this 7 minute video. A Mandarin translation: 10分钟视频BCP修订后的换算系数 (Video on conversion factors changes in the BCP) is available here.

The Supplier Training Programme and the online training platform are also updated to ensure that users understand the changes. Be sure to join an upcoming training session.

To find further information relating to measuring cotton consumption, please visit here, you can also send your questions to [email protected], or reach out to your usual BCI contact.