Chain of Custody FAQ

What is the Better Cotton Platform?

The Better Cotton Platform (BCP) was previously known as the Better Cotton Tracer. It is BCI’s online system for tracking purchases and sales of Better Cotton and associated Better Cotton Claim Units (BCCUs). The BCP is a trademarked online system used only by BCI and registered supply chain organisations that are buying, selling, or sourcing Better Cotton. It enables suppliers and manufacturers to report to their customers how much Better Cotton lint was sourced through the sale of a physical product.

What is Mass Balance Chain of Custody?

Mass balance is a chain of custody model based on volume reconciliation. This model allows mixing of certified and non-certified inputs, provided the total volumes are controlled and the amount of certified outputs does not exceed inputs (accounting for conversion rates). The Better Cotton Chain of Custody Guidelines uses a mass balance model for all purchases of Better Cotton after gin level. This allows suppliers and manufacturers to mix equivalent amounts of conventional cotton and Better Cotton, as long as the total volumes are controlled and the total amount of cotton in products sold with a Better Cotton claim is less than or equal to the amount purchased (accounting for conversation rates). In addition, all purchases and sales of Better Cotton must be recorded in the BCP with a corresponding number of BCCUs allocated.