Appeals Process and Documents

BCI Appeals Procedure

Producer Units or Large Farms may appeal against a licensing decision by submitting a written application (along with objective evidence) within 10 working days of being informed of a license cancellation or denial.

The Appellant (i.e. Producer Unit Manager or Large Farm) must submit a completed Appeals Submission form found on the link below. All appeal submissions must:

1. Include a clear rationale for each separate non-conformity being appealed.

2. Include detailed supporting evidence for each non-conformity being appealed.

Appeal submissions are reviewed and decided by a selected set of members from BCI’s Appeals Committee. BCI aims to communicate final decisions to the Appellant within 35 calendar days of receiving an (eligible) appeals submission.

BCI Appeals Procedure 

BCI Appeals Form for Producer Units

BCI Appeals Form for Large Farms

Appeals Committee Members 2020

Appeals Committee Terms of Reference