BCI now has a seat on the ISEAL Board of Directors.

Announcements Monday, July 3rd, 2017

We are delighted to announce that Lena Staafgard, BCI Chief Operating Officer, has joined the ISEAL Board of Directors for a three-year term.

ISEAL represents the movement of credible and innovative sustainability standards, and their mission is to strengthen sustainability standards for the benefit of people and the environment. ISEAL is the global leader in defining and communicating what good practice looks like. We became an ISEAL full member in early 2016, a testament to our credibility as a sustainability standard.

The ISEAL Board of Directors, representing the voices and views of its members and stakeholders, guides the strategic direction of ISEAL’s work. The Board consists of nine representatives from ISEAL’s full member organisations, and ISEAL full members can nominate individuals from within their organisations to stand for election. Elections took place at ISEAL’s annual general meeting, which formed part of ISEAL’s annual conference, that took place in Switzerland last week.

“We’ll use our seat to further engage with stakeholders and increase awareness about the complex challenges embedded into global value chains,” says Lena Staafgard, Chief Operating Officer at BCI. “Everyone wants simple solutions and simple messaging. That can be delivered, but only on the basis of fully understanding the underlying complexities and interdependencies.”