Archived Harvest Reports

In the following Harvest Reports, you will find information on Better Cotton global results, results by country and updates on our strategic thinking and progress. Click here to access the latest, 2015 harvest results.

The results presented in these Harvest Reports compare country averages of key environmental, economic and social indicators achieved by BCI Farmers for the latest harvest to comparable farmers in the same regions who operate outside of BCI projects. We refer to these latter farmers as the Comparison Farmers. The Harvest Reports also include countries where a benchmarked standard¹ exists. We believe it’s important to harmonise our efforts on a set of common indicators so that our measurement of results and impact in the future can be coherent across cotton sustainability initiatives with which we partner, ultimately working towards a more sustainable sector as a whole. With this approach, we engage in joint results monitoring and learning with these standards and programmes while allowing them to publicly communicate their results when and how they choose.

¹Benchmarking is a process of comparing one organisation’s policies, practices, standards or systems with those of similar organisations, and identifying gaps between them. BCI works with other standards on benchmarking with the Better Cotton Standard System, ultimately allowing the cotton produced under that standard to be sold as Better Cotton, increasing global supply.