Resolution procedure 4

» Minimum requirement:
The Better Cotton Chain of Custody Guidelines have been designed to provide a standardised set of rules for all supply chain actors who want to make claims about Better Cotton procurement. Members are trained on how to use the appropriate system following the Better Cotton Chain of Custody Guidelines. If a member does not follow these guidelines when procuring Better Cotton, they are breaching the minimum requirement for procurement compliance.

» Why we need the minimum requirement:
Incorrect or fraudulent use of the Better Cotton Traceability System can result in misleading Better Cotton procurement results. This affects the traceability of the entire supply chain, impacting all supply chain actors as well as undermining the credibility of Better Cotton which is crucial to mainstreaming the fibre.

» How we monitor and the resolution procedure:
Please refer to the Better Cotton Chain of Custody Guidelines document for a detailed explanation of compliance monitoring and the resolution procedures for each membership category.

To see a list of BCI members currently suspended due to breaching the minimum requirements of membership, please click here.