Resolution procedure 3

» Minimum requirement:
All members are expected to meet the minimum requirement of paying membership fees, farmer support (if applicable) and volume based fees (if applicable) within the timeframe given by BCI.

» Why we need the minimum requirement:
In order to ensure the allocation of funds to capacity building, traceability, credibility checks and BCI Secretariat operations, all members are required to pay their fees within the given timeframe.

» How we monitor:
This is regularly monitored by the BCI Secretariat as part of the financial control process.

» Resolution procedure:
If the membership fees, farmer support or volume based fees are unpaid within the given timeframe to either BCI or the chosen Implementing Partner (in the case of farmer support), the following resolution procedure is implemented:
Warn: When payment is three months late.
Expel: When payment is still not received 3 months after warning.
To see a list of BCI members currently suspended due to breaching the minimum requirements of membership, please click here.