Resolution procedure 2

» Minimum requirement:
One of the benefits of becoming a BCI Member is that members are able to make claims about Better Cotton, including farmer stories, value equations, Better Cotton volume claims and custom messaging.

The Better Cotton Claims Framework has been designed to provide consistency across all communication about Better Cotton, and to reward high performing members.  If a member makes claims which are not compliant with the Framework they are breaching the minimum requirement for communication compliance.

» Why we need the minimum requirement:
The Better Cotton Initiative is focused on effecting change, and credibility of the Better Cotton fibre is crucial to mainstreaming it.  Members agree not to make any misleading or unsubstantiated claims about the production, procurement or use of Better Cotton, nor about the impact associated with Better Cotton.  If members make incorrect or confusing claims, BCI will not be able to deliver a consistent message about Better Cotton, which poses a risk to the credibilty of the fibre.

» How we monitor:
The BCI Secretariat regularly monitors and gathers information based on Google alerts and notifications from stakeholders and other members.
Member communications are also verified as part of the annual performance analysis by looking at statements on the member website and in the CSR report.

» Resolution procedure:
When a member is found to be in breach of this minimum requirement, the following resolution procedure is implemented:
Warn: If communication is in breach of the Better Cotton Claims Framework.
Suspend: When the communication is not retracted by the member within 30 days of receiving the formal warning.
Expel: When the communication is not retracted by the member within 60 days of the suspension.

To see a list of BCI members currently suspended due to breaching the minimum requirements of membership, please click here.