Resolution procedure 1

» Minimum requirement:
Members should act with integrity and should not partake in behaviour that poses a credibility risk to BCI. Examples of credibility risks would include cases of child labor, tax fraud, poor treatment of employees or other controversial activities.

» Why we need the minimum requirement:
The Better Cotton Initiative is focused on effecting change, and credibility is crucial to mainstreaming Better Cotton successfully. BCI and its members strive to act with integrity at all times, because a member who does not uphold this principle could deflect from the ability of BCI and its community to effect change.

» How we monitor:
The BCI Secretariat regularly monitors and gathers information based on Google alerts and notifications from stakeholders and other members.

» Resolution procedure:
When a member is found to be in breach of this minimum requirement, the following resolution procedure is implemented:
Warn: When the matter is brought to the notice of the BCI Secretariat, the member is given a time period to give an explanation and a time period to resolve the matter.
Suspend: When the matter is not resolved within 3 months of receiving the formal warning.
Expel: When the matter is not resolved within 3 months of the suspension.

To see a list of BCI members currently suspended due to breaching the minimum requirements of membership, please click here.