Member Monitoring

BCI and our Members are working hard to drive change in the global cotton supply chain and reach 5 million farmers by 2020.

The principle of monitoring performance is twofold: to create a framework which will continually encourage our Members to improve their performance and support the development of Better Cotton all over the world, and secondly, it is also important to protect the credibility of BCI and Better Cotton itself (read our Assurance page to learn more).

Please contact the membership team at [email protected] if you have questions regarding the Code of Practice and member monitoring. The full monitoring protocol is available on request.

Why monitoring performance is important?

Collaboration, sharing experiences and continuous improvement are the key themes BCI would like to promote amongst our Members. The BCI Code of Practice is a document which makes it easy for all interested organisations to understand what it means to be a Member. We monitor performance against this so members can see how they are doing and push themselves further. This monitoring process provides Members with:

  • A resource to make it easier for Members to understand their role, and a clear steer on ways to improve their performance to reach their sustainability goals, and support the mission of BCI.
  • A clear and consistent record of the minimum requirements for membership of BCI.
  • A standardised approach to, and communication around, breaches of the minimum membership requirements.
  • For Retailer and Brand Members, a confidential annual performance overview of their activities over the past year, and direction on how to make their progress have more impact.
The membership requirements

We look at how Members are performing in two ways.

Firstly, do they meet a set of minimum requirements explained in the Code of Practice? These requirements are aimed at protecting the credibility of BCI and its Members, and applicants have to meet them in order to become and remain a BCI Member.

Secondly, we look at how Members are doing against a set of improvement requirements which lead the way to best-in-class performance. These carefully chosen indicators are intended to encourage collaboration, share experiences and further improve the Member’s performance – in order to drive change in support of our collective mission.

How are requirements monitored and resolved?

The way that we monitor both types of membership requirements is through a set of performance indicators, defined in our monitoring protocol document. Most minimum requirements are monitored on a regular basis, and the rest are examined annually in our annual performance analysis. All the improvement requirements are examined annually in our annual performance analysis.

This page focuses on the minimum requirements which are regularly monitored. The annual performance analysis takes place in September and is a combination of an online Member Self-assessment Report (which each Member completes) and data collection conducted by BCI. In order to see what information will be collected and analysed, please request a copy of the full monitoring protocol (see below).

All BCI Members are regularly monitored to ensure they are meeting the following minimum requirements:

1. The behaviour of the Member contributes to the credibility of BCI.
Data we collect: Information that the Member is engaged in activities that could pose a credibility risk to BCI. Sources and dates of information are also collected.
What we do if a member does not meet this requirement.

2. The Member’s communication is compliant with the Better Cotton Claims Framework.
Data we collect: Claims of the Member regarding BCI and their Better Cotton procurement. URL links, screenshots, and correspondence as applicable.
What we do if a member does not meet this requirement.

3. The Member pays fees within the given timeframe.
Data we collect: Date of payment and the deadline given by BCI, level of fees paid and the contracted payment.
What we do if a member does not meet this requirement.

4. Retailer & Brand and Supplier & Manufacturer Members only: The Member complies with the Better Cotton Chain of Custody Guidelines when procuring Better Cotton.
Data we collect: Declarations made in Better Cotton Platform on the Member’s account.
What we do if a member does not meet this requirement.

5. Supplier & Manufacturer Members only: The Member is not on a default list.
Data we collect: Published default lists of CICCA, ICA, WCEA for the applicable date.
What we do if a member does not meet this requirement.

To see a list of BCI Members currently suspended due to breaching the minimum requirements of membership, please click here.