Supply Chain Guidance

The following documentation is intended to provide you with technical training and visibility into the BCI Chain of Custody, all necessary for successfully sourcing Better Cotton as BCI member.

  • BCI Overview: For a snapshot of BCI and how the Chain of Custody works.
  • BCI Better Cotton Tracer Online Training Platform: This document will provide members with complete information about BCI’s online training platform, necessary to gain access to the Better Cotton Tracer.
  • BCI Production Report 2016 Season: This Production Report exclusively provides BCI Members with an overview of the volumes of Better Cotton expected to be available on the market in the 2016 Harvest Season.
  • ISEAL Video (3:20): To properly frame how the BCI Chain of Custody fits into the sustainability standards models.
  • BCI’s Chain of Custody Video (2:50): To quickly explain how mass balance enables cost-effective Better Cotton uptake.