BCI Regional Member Meetings

The Regional Member Meetings will serve as a platform for BCI members and key partners to network, learn, and advance their Better Cotton procurement, in addition to the annual members’ meeting. For some locations these meetings were formerly known as “Supply Chain Events”, but in the necessity to connect members from across the entire cotton supply chain on topics that are predominantly important for that specific region, these locally focused events will aim to engage with all BCI members.

PAST EVENT: 23 March 2016
Raleigh, North Carolina, USA

BCI hosted the USA Members Meeting in Raleigh, NC with 70 participants. In addition to exciting networking opportunities, meeting participants received updates on:

  • US supply expansion
  • Export opportunities for US traders and suppliers
  • The BCI group assurance model and how it’s benefiting US merchants, gins, and co-ops

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2 September 2016
New Delhi, India

BCI India warmly welcomes you to the Regional Members Meeting India 2016. This event is an effort to bring ‘Demand & Supply Together’, which we’ve held in August for the last 4 years.

During the event BCI members from the entire cotton supply chain, i.e. retailers & brands, ginners, spinners, fabric mills, garment manufacturers will gather to learn and network. We also hope that attendees will leave inspired by meeting the civil societies and our implementing partners from across the country.

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For questions please contact Mr. Vinay Kumar, BCI Membership Officer India, at vinay.kumar@bettercotton.org or at
contact number +91-9958221123.






28 September 2016
Lahore, Pakistan

This meeting will be comprised of a conference and trade show, where BCI members will have the opportunity to showcase their products; giving attendees the chance to meet all Better Cotton suppliers and potential buyers in one location. BCI will present the addition of garment manufacturers on the traceability system, enabling members and system users to deal with BCCUs for the 2016-17 cotton season.

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For questions please contact Mr Syed Ahtisham Uddin, BCI Membership Officer Pakistan, at ahtisham.uddin@bettercotton.org or at contact number +92 333 2721 656.


There will be no 2016 Regional Member Meeting in China, since the BCI 2016 General Assembly will be hosted in Hong Kong on 14-15 June.