Is BCI competing with other cotton standards around the globe?

We believe that other ‘sustainable’ cottons such as Fairtrade, Organic, MyBMP, CmiA, ABR, etc. offer retailers strong value propositions and can be part of any healthy cotton portfolio. BCI also collaborates with the Fairtrade and Organic movements at a number of different levels, and has partnership and recognition agreements with various other responsible sourcing programs around the globe.

There is clearly a role for the ‘premium’ sustainability standards, and they deliver clear environmental and social benefits. At the same time, BCI’s aim is to deliver a methodology that will lead to the transformation of the entire sector, not limited to any particular niche.

Better Cotton is not exclusive in terms of restricting technology or methodology used by farmers, and provides a holistic approach to agriculture that will allow farmers to elect which type of ‘sustainable’ farming is best suited for them. It is their choice.

In summary, Better Cotton complements, rather than competes with other responsible cotton standards. We provide a system that will enable sector-wide improvement in the production of cotton. We leave it to the farmers to choose the path that is most appropriate for them.